29 July 2015
About Us

Who are we?

We're a vibrant, independent, evangelical Christian church in the west of Reading.

We're a mixture of ordinary people from different nationalities, cultures and age groups.

We're passionate about the local community and seek to engage with those in the area, offering practical support and assistance.

We believe the Bible is God's written word to us - inspired, fully reliable, and without error.
- Want to know more? Check out our Basis of Faith

We want to be open to everyone - we run lots of activities for all ages. We have groups for parents and toddlers, events for youth and young adults, and activities for seniors..

There's always lots going on, including a lively Sunday morning service at 10.30am followed by refreshments

Sunday Service Sermons and Teaching

'The Saviour of the World' - From the 8th February to the 19th April we are studying the Gospel of Luke.

In addition to the Sunday morning serivces, there will be a Good Friday services on the 3rd April 2015, at 10.30am.

Our Easter morning service, on the 5th April 2015, will also be a Baptismal service.